Our Mission

We believe that recruitment industry needs a drastic simplification and we are committed to make this change happen.

Our Essence

Inspired by the Sanskrit word "swayam" which mean "self " / "in-person", Zwayam is designed to promote the do-it yourself model in the field of recruitment.

Our Promise

With 50+ years of professional experience between our founding team, we bring together a powerful combination of strategic vision, technology depth, and domain expertise to solve the woes of recruitment.

The Story So Far

In the summer of 2015

In a small coffee shop, we started our journey with an initial product built with SME market in mind.

Between then and now

Zwayam has become one of the leading players in the enterprise recruitment automation segment.

Our secret sauce

Our customers love our hands-on approach and our solution-oriented mindset, a combination that has been moulded using our own experiences of being on the other side of the table.

The present is ours

Today, our platform is enabling startups and established organizations alike to better position their company and jobs in the talent market.

we are ready to redefine the future

Zwayam's AI and ML driven intuitive processes are empowering companies to identify skill gaps and accordingly optimize workforce planning and learning to meet the dynamic demands of digital world.


Lets Transform Talent Management Together

Find incredible opportunities to work on cutting-edge technologies, while helping us create the future of work.